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I have been observing how many of the words I have lived by need updating and expanding to include the unknown.

Many will know how disconcerting it is when after many years of experience and you think you have reached some wisdom, you hear “that’s not right”. Well, that happens to me most days. We laugh about it now but it was very serious at the time… watch a foundation of just about everything start to crumble.

I cannot tell you everything at once but as things come to mind I will let you know how everything appears to me now.

My intention was to go on every point made on “Words to live by” but it’s not working like that.  Most things are random these days.

So bear with me as I bring it all together:

I’ll start at the beginning:

March 3, 2009,  having just arrived in Australia, Robert said to me:

“There are no rules and not even a thought to come between us.”

We just had our fifth wedding anniversary and I GOT IT!

YOU ARE LAUGHING RIGHT NOW AS WE ARE….but you have no idea how beautiful it sounded but how all-pervasive that was and how easy it was to lapse.

Take a look at the list of “Words to Live By”(click on Concepts), choose one and I will be delighted to share what it stood for in our marriage.

That’s enough for right now. I’ll be back with lots more.

In the meantime, I wish you

Perfect LifePerfect Healthand a Magic Future



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3 thoughts on “New Observations”

  1. Dear Barbara,

    thanks so much for this page and all the fantastic work that you both are doing. We both love you and Robert so much!

    I’m wondering about the concept: “Don’t allow yourself to be taken into another’s world”.
    I have been aware of this for a while, and am working on in, but it seems to come up in my life, probably so that I can master this concept.
    I tend to get overwhelmed, when people around me have extreme emotions. I am aware that I need to just observe, and stay connected to source, and stay in my energy field, and I’m doing that, but I still feel extremely uncomfortable and “under attack”. I know that the other person’s energy field has to change as long as I’m keeping my energy field high, and it does eventually happen, but in the meantime, I also observe that I go, almost automatically, into a bit of a frozen state, that makes me feel suppressed. I would really like to learn to just observe the craziness, but not to get emotionally pulled down by it. In general, of course it is often the best idea to just walk away, and I have also learned to do that. Sometimes though it really isn’t possible at least for a time, for example when stuck in an elevator/train/car/ work situation with this person. In other words: This issue keeps coming up in my life, so I know, I’m supposed to learn something more about it. What are your thoughts about this?
    Thanks so much for your input! Lots of love, Stephanie

    1. Hi Stephanie,

      I really see what you are talking about. Perhaps if I show it to you from a different perspective we can look at this together. If you find yourself in a small elevator with an overbearing person and hard to be close to…leave your body there and allow yourself to travel back to the Allegheny Forest leaving your body to handle itself.

      When we were kids, they told us that we were day-dreaming but really we were switching dimensions and enjoying every minute of it. Even the most aggravating teachers could not enter our world.

      The person that is standing in front of you is only seeing the picture of you that exists in their world. They are not even interested if you are there or not.

      When you look at it without logic, it doesn’t hurt anybody when you decide you are not going to be present. It’s easy to tell your body to smile and move slightly so they don’t think you’re dead and then just leave and enjoy the fact that they have no idea of what is happening.

      Without a bit of mischief, there is no magic.

      Love and Sparkles,


  2. Thank you so much Barbara!!
    This really makes a lot of sense to me.
    I spent almost all of my school and academic years “daydreaming”, and still do it a lot. It’s so good to finally hear that this is not a bad thing. Of course I have been told all my life to” stop day dreaming”. And it’s a relief to hear, that it is really just shifting dimensions, and really a good thing.
    Thanks, Barbara!

    I also grew up in a way, like I’m sure many people, to think that I somehow was obligated to help, or have the responsibility. So, I would have felt, that seeing another person go through extreme emotions, that I somehow had to snap them out of it. But I have learned, that this really never works. I end up enabling and rescuing, and in the end I’m the one, who is worn out. I think that the only way to help, is to raise your own energy field of happiness so high, that other people decide to do the same for themselves. Isn’t it all about “self-love”, and “realizing who we really are” in the end?
    And that’s where the christian church has really twisted the truth for their own end. They made people feel guilty for it.
    I think, that we come into the world basking in our own energies so completely and being so joyful in it, that that’s what one has to reclaim, without any thoughts about “guilt” or “duty”. These are the rules of the “play world” that are meant to keep us stuck.
    I really want to just be myself and free myself from all these old brainwashings!!!
    Lots of Love and Sparkles, and Mischief…..:)

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