Hello world!


Welcome to the first blog from our new site.

We are presenting something new that will open many new doors and allow a closer connection between Barbara and all our friends around the world  who wonder what it is like being married to Robert Young.

We just had our fifth anniversary and I wish to explore with you, the profound changes I have experienced.  This is beyond what is available on our web sites and youtube.

If you have something that you would like to comment on, then add your response and see where it leads us.

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5 thoughts on “Hello world!”

  1. Very nice, Barbara. I look forward to reading/hearing about the changes in your life. Change always follows miracle and magic and miracle and magic always bring about change. Love always, Nurit

  2. What a wonderful interview with Lisa on “CryFreedomRadio”!
    Thanks, Barbara and Robert!!
    It feels like such a relief to finally hear somebody say these things out loud! Things that one always intuitively somehow knew, but the world seems to just want to deny.
    Well, who cares what the world thinks, I’m going to go with what I know is true!!! And more…..:)
    I loved the part about the emerging feminine energy, and how women will take over to just create, while the man supports, and also keeps the base in place, and perhaps channels any superfluous left over energy back into the ground, so that the woman can start with fresh energy again and keep going,
    When Alex and I are in sink, that’s what I feel.
    Then I can just focus on creating, while he supports me and keeps things steady.
    The feminine energies are coming back into the world with full force !!!
    Lots of Love and Sparkles!!

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