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    Alex Welge Thank you Barbara. I am truly honored that you shared this. I echo the sentiment that you are needed in America, where the vibration needs to be lifted…and I do believe we will live to see the people waking up. The patriarchal structures are crumbling all around us….wall street…the vatican…etc…a new age of equality and awareness is growing by the day. One can’t have a war and kill thousands anymore without people taking a picture and uploading it to the internet for the world to know…
  • Alex Welge why am i so optimistic?
  •  Because I see the evidence…
  • I see Barak Obama as President of the US. I see more women elected to Congress than ever before…I see the likes of us right here being able to connect over facebook and lift each others’ vibration…
  •  I see how a group of Egyptians over a short period of time, were able to overthrow a dictator that had enslaved them for years…
  • Barbara Whiting …..and your eyes are open to Magic and Miracles. Robert first spoke of Magic and Miracles in 2009 and I watched eyes roll……..have you noticed how many times Magic and Miracles are referred to?
  • Alex Welge Exactly!
    • Alex Welge Objective truth: The human genome project confirms that we are genetically 99.9% similar to each other.

      As Dr. Collins and Dr. Venter noted, after the Human Genome project was completed, “…But the fact that human beings are 99.9 percent identical genetically, as Francis Collins and Craig Venter jointly announced at the White House on June 26, 2000, when the rough draft of the human genome was released, risks being lost, some scholars fear, in an emphasis on human genetic difference. ”

      Subjective reality: We enormously exaggerate our 0.1% difference. This serves to divide us, making it easier for the system to control us.

      Q: If this was common knowledge, would we perpetuate this illusion of great differences between the races?
    • Alex Welge

      I am an African American, says Duana Fullwiley, but in parts…

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  1. Thank you Barbara again for this wonderful forum to share and learn from each other, and to encourage and lift each other’s vibration.

    I just thought i would pass on my thoughts to you all on why I think things turned out the way they did in the US Midterm elections, and what can be done…

    My aim is not to further divide, but rather, to empower and unite, because the ultimate truth is that we are all one…

    For my Republican or Conservative friends, I hope this can help you to see that there are more important forces at work here than simply Republican versus Democrat. Please put your bias aside, and be open…dig into the details…the truth is that by keeping us pitted against each other, the Billionaire class weakens us, the 99%, by encouraging us to be more polarized against each other, thus dividing us, and conquering us…while we keep our eyes focused on each other, we take our eyes off them, and they get away with crimes against humanity, crimes against universal love…

    To be sure, even within the Billionaire class or 1%, there are people doing good work…there are both progressives and conservatives that are part of the 1%. There are other dark forces beyond politics that have served to suppress the divine feminine energy in the universe, and throwing our collective energy out of balance…men and women need to find a balance of both energies, so that harmony is restored in the universe, that our collective vibration can rise, once peace and harmony are restored, and our collective immune system is no longer suppressed. Obviously these forces cannot simply be captured or defined as the 1%. Life is not black and white. The truth is usually grey…usually somewhere in the middle…and the beauty in life is in the grey in life…the path of mystery and magic…the oneness of all things…but nonetheless, speaking in contrast can help to clarify the truth…

    So with those qualifiers, please take the following humble attempt at explaining what happened in the practical third dimensional world of the US Midterm elections…

    I think that the Billionaire class and those that support them know how to exploit the system that they rigged more effectively than we give them credit. To be sure, the ability to buy elections via Citizens United gave them an outsized influence, but here are a few more thoughts on the matter…
    For one, they knew that the crash of 2008 would lead to a major change in the quality of life for the 99%. They knew people would be dissatisfied, and they needed to allow that dissatisfaction to sink in, so they used their currently most ardent supporters, the Republicans in Congress, to block President Obama at every turn, b/c their worst fear was that things could be different.

    Second, they used one of the oldest tricks in politics, to ruin the economy as you relinquish power, and then try and pin the blame on the opposition coming in (ie President Obama), and when people eventually believe the lies and end up blaming President Obama instead of Bush, then they will be able to use that to regain power.

    Third, they use the portion of the media their corporations control to brainwash the masses. Say a lie enough times, and people will begin to believe it. The irony is the Tea Party represents hard working poor who have actually been brainwashed into fighting against their own self interest. Obamacare will actually benefit them the most. (I am by no means worshipping Obama here…there are many things he has done that I disagree with, but this is just to illustrate the immense power the billionaire class can weild. )

    Fourth, the greatest wealth transfer mechanism ever created, i.e. the stock market, is the casino that the billionaire class own, to trick the 99% to invest the little capital they have, and then use chaos to create panic and transfer wealth. It runs on two main emotions, fear and greed. They actually feed the greed and so many have bought into the idea that they can become rich quick and avoid hard work, and they have no idea how the computerized trading system is virtually impossible to beat. The casino always makes out if you stay long enough, just like any other casino. The great lie the Billionaire class tend to feed, through their current Republican arm, is that they know how to run the economy better…this hope they dangle out there, and people fall for it… No better current example of the how the lie of trickle down economics continues to be just that…a lie…where is the trickling right now?, now that the 1% have made all the gains since Bush lost power. Perhaps some will see the truth that Wall street only benefits those that have capital to begin with and the insider knowledge to know how to manipulate the rigged system and feed off the sheep they lead to be slaughtered? The Billionaire class have no incentive to change. If they make money, they get to keep it. If they lose money, we the taxpayers, the 99%, have to pay for it. Why would they want to change a win-win proposition for them?

    The beautiful (and painful) irony of this is, that as more people do get slaughtered and lose their entire life savings, they start to examine why, and then they connect the dots, and can see how wrong it is when a company loses billions, for example, and needs to be bailed out by taxpayers, while the ceo and cfo get paid hundreds of millions to walk away from it all scott free….

    What they want us to do is exactly what some of us are now doing…becoming deflated after the election results. Remember, their outsized influence via Citizens United serves to perpetuate the illusion that they are way more powerful in number than they actually are.

    As someone said, if we the 99% unite, it wouldn’t matter what the 1% does. This is just one battle in a long war…a war we the 99% will win, and that ultimately we the 100% will win, if we continue to expose the truth, and wake up to the rigged system. They can only perpetuate it as long as they are able to hide behind their lies, and as long as we allow the lies to go unanswered and unquestioned. We have to understand their tactics and learn to not only counter those tactics, but learn from them, and use them to our benefit to perpetuate the truth enough so that it is truly known.

    The truth is that we are currently living in an oligarchy / plutocracy, where the 1% own multinational corporations, who in turn now essentially own our Democracy thanks to Citizens United, and the influence they are able to exert on our politicians. There are brave leaders who are not bought…Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren…to name a few…find them…support them.

    To be fair, the billionaire class control both Democrats and Republicans with their money, although the Republicans are currently their most obedient servants. Notice who supports the repeal of Citizens United and who doesn’t. Get involved. Make your voice heard.

    What we are fighting for is a system in which there are fair elections, that people’s vote is not suppressed, that represent the electorate fairly, that can elect their leaders based on their ability to meet the needs of those electing them, and where there is likely more than two political parties, where there is a voice for the independent thinker to make a contribution…

    They don’t want critical thinkers. They want a polarized, and dumbed down electorate, who will be confused and distracted by the likes of Fox news, where hate, paranoia, and fear is perpetuated on TV. They want to weaken you through fear, so that your whole system shuts down and becomes paralyzed, taking away your strength, compromising your ability to listen to your intuition which arises when there is peace, love and harmony.

    They only want obedient workers, who feel hopeless in their ability to change the rigged system, and who will serve to perpetuate a system that helps to maintain their world order and their world view, and leave them on top…

    Don’t just blindly believe the misinformation. Do some digging into the details. Being able to critically evaluate information is of vital importance in the information age. Your ideas about how the universe works will undoubtedly influence the way you interact with the universe. If you believe the limitations they impose on you, your life will be limited by those ideas. If you believe the lies they perpetuate, to allow their corporations to keep making money, at the cost of us the 99%, at the cost of the environment, you will be imprisoned by those lies.

    But compassion and profit don’t usually mix. If something doesn’t ifeel right, it probably isn’t. Trust your intuition, which comes from a deeper place within.

    I believe that when the majority of the 99% feel the change in their lives, then things will change and the apathy will subside. Ever since Bush left us with the crash, the only ones feeling any better are the 1% for whom the system is rigged. It’s understandable then that the electorate would vote for something to change, and fall for the lies yet again. Don’t judge them or blame them for falling for the lies. Sifting through the misinformation is a formidable task, and many will be fooled by their own prejudice and biased upbringings. Certainly those who are liberal minded have their own bias. No one has a monopoly on the truth, but together we have a greater chance at a world in which we all can thrive than when we are working against one another.

    Truth will eventually come out, as it always does. It is up to us that see through it to illuminate the rest of us that are blinded, and to help to bring the truth out faster. Please don’t lose hope, for truth is your greatest ally. Everyone senses something is wrong…once enough realize why…watch out!
    Peace and love…

  2. As an agent of change for over 2 decades, LYFEWORKS™ we awaken via transition to arrive @ transFORMation. People don’t generally resist change they resist being changed and how one chooses to respond to a change be it imposed or intentional is a process.

  3. Hallo!

    With interest I read the text! Thank you for good information, and fine observations!

    How can people help each other locally? “Money” DO nothing!
    Peoples effords creates results! How can people “exchange” tasks to support eachother? “Those who love to grow food can give away food to those who bake bread?” (Said just as an example) – Would this be “illegal”? Just to start in the backyard, in your own kitchen, use what you can and have? What do we really need? Mutual support in “co- creation”?
    Could this be an “opportunity” to create something “new”?
    Or – maybee – “the big system” will “kill it all”?
    Why “allow” that? Maybee start with a small step? Invite some friends to a “brainstorming”? And see what happends?

    Hope and bliss –

    Torill –

  4. Wow, thank you, Torill.
    Wonderful post!
    I think, by now, we all agree that this is wrong. But what about solutions?
    How can I learn to grow my own organic food at home, in order to avoid the GMO’s. What are the cleanest seeds to buy and where?
    How can I get the cleanest water possible?
    Is it enough to use a water filtration system, or should we do water distillation.
    What particles are being sprayed in the Chemtrails, and what supplements can I take, to decrease the effectiveness of these chemicals.
    What can be taken to neutralize the additional radiation we are exposed to. ( I have heard that Lugol’d Iodine really neutralizes…and as it happens that is almost taken off the market, but still available).
    What alternative cures are there for things like “ebola” (if it even exists). I stocked up on Colloidal Silver and my beloved Oregano Oil. Oregano Oil is nature’s antibiotic, and heals any kind of bacterial, viral or fungal infection within hours. In my experience it’s a miracle cure.
    I think that for every problem, that comes to the surface, we should also come up with at least one practical, hands on, empowering solution…….

    Lots of love and sparkles

    1. Here is a link to a wonderful person leading the charge to gather and protect the original seeds that are not genetically modified. Her name is Vandanya Shiva. Please check out her video on Seeds of Love on Youtube, which I’ve linked below…this is a good place to start. I believe her other webpages have links and information on how to obtain those seeds…plant them in your own organic garden!

      love and peace…Alex 🙂 <3

  5. Dear Torill and Stephanie…thank you for your wonderful feedback! Indeed, pointing out the problem is but one step…what is to be done next is essential! I love the idea of local bartering…and growing your own organic garden…as someone said, “growing your own food is like printing your own money!” Would love to hold a brainstorming session right here…please keep the ideas flowing…peace and love 🙂 <3

    1. Thank You for fine information!

      To implement small changes in our own lives is what each and everyone of us can do. To chare information, help and encourage each other is inspirational!

      Love heals!


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