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Your Personal SuperComputer Extended

For those who have read “Your Personal SuperComputer” by Robert Young

  • Welcome to our first session about how we work and how that ties in with our Personal Super Computer and a little bit further than that, how we manage to take advantage of what we know now on an everyday basis. So if people have read the little book, “Your Personal Super Computer” (PSC), you’ll know there are a lot of examples to demonstrate everything that’s been happening in our life right up until now, without us knowing really what it is.
  • There are many people who have attempted to do something with that knowledge so that you can generate what you want in your life and each time they tried to do that they put a bigger load on you personally so everybody is walking around with lots and lots of information, many many instructions and lots of useless instruction sets that keep you busy to such an extent that you can’t use anything, and when you do manage, you create something that takes up your whole life. You have to attend to it. So what we are about to do is release all that and explain where it all comes from.
  • The fact that we have a PSC is now fairly clear and they are finding out all sorts of things that work like a computer, even the biological part of us, they can program now. Your DNA, all sorts of things. Once again, lots of little bits and pieces and if you concentrate on them, you’ll get lost in the detail.
  • The whole purpose of what we are doing is to take everything and allow it to disappear into the background and then find that instruction set that is so simple you don’t have to know how anything works:
  • So, to use the programmable part of your being, we’ve given some examples and the first one is by OBSERVATION.
  • Remember the story about the young boy who ran into the telegraph pole (with his surfboard). After seeing what he’d done and responding to everybody laughing at him, by the time he had gone past another two telegraph poles, he was off looking at the girls again and he didn’t really care about telegraph poles, so that part of him that finds telegraph poles got re-programmed by observation just by three
  • So the simplicity of that, you know about, you just haven’t looked at. The simplicity of changing the effect of the world on your body is more detailed than walking on hot coals.
  • But once again, too much detail, too much preparation, too much focus. The young child has no focus, if they run into a wall and they get up again, they are totally energized because of the fast action of their PSC.
  • If you look at that in detail, you can see two things:
  • 1- It all exists outside your body because otherwise, how could you program a telegraph pole to not be in your road without looking, so there’s lots of stuff on the outside of your body.
  • Then also, how could you make yourself recover so quickly by running into a brick wall if that was inside your body also. It has to be coming from somewhere else.
  • This is where we get into the Magic and Miracles. We are now in a position where we can find that “somewhere else” and work with it but you can’t do it from inside your body. The way that we are going to change the world or we have already, is to change the electro-magnetic field that everybody resides in. So it’s just like a big stew that we all walk around in. If we clean that stew up, we feel better like fish in the fishbowl, clean their water and they get everything they need from clean water.
  • We get everything we need from not only the atmosphere around us but the electro-magnetic field around us.
  • If you visualize magnets, you will see that one magnet affects the other but yet the magnet doesn’t change. The field around it does and the pressure on it changes as you move. So we create pressure for one another by trying to hold a fixed magnetic field instead of the skill we have of having a flexibility in our magnetic field, we allow everything to be there and not reject anything, our field will match the position we are in. That sounds a little bit technical but just get rid of the technical and get to what we already know.
  • If you are having fun, laughing and joking, you have a flexible field. No one upsets you if they run into you, nothing can happen to you if you are light-hearted because you don’t hold a fixed magnetic field so the electro-magnetic field and the control of it is part of the PSC.
  • Everything that is fed to you comes from nowhere. It’s that expanse of unlimited universal energy that rains down on us every day. What we are not used to is the fact that it comes from various and different fields to get to us, just take the earth: it’s got a field and around it, is a force that holds the whole atmosphere in place and from that atmosphere we gain everything we need to live in this environment and it is held here by a magnetic field and it changes as we change our field and that’s why because of all the fixed fields that everybody developed, for some reason we always live on a fault line, but in fact, we are the fault line.
  • That’s what we create in the earth because we are holding it all solid. The resultant effect on each person is that this thing or somebody or something that’s affecting them and therefore, you’ve got to have protection, you have to stiffen up your field.
  • Total opposite to what is required in the future and because it’s become so intense where we are, we can’t do that here without suffering some consequence so we have to do it from somewhere else and that’s where the Magic and Miracles comes in.
  • We have to step beyond the field of limitation and that field exists outside each being, outside each tree, outside each moving entity, outside the world and outside the universe.
  • So you can decide which field you want to be unlimited and step past it. The first question comes, “How”. Well we’ll do that as we go along and we’ll take you out past each field so you can feel the difference and then it will be by observation and the exposure will automatically program your PSC. Just by allowing it to go there with me, and let it do its own thing.
  • So if we come back to the technical side of things again, what you’re looking at is a set of controls that are invisible. They are a set of controls that are operated by a function you don’t know about and you best control it by not touching them.
  • We can give you a slight example: Your touch phone, once it’s set and you are talking into it, it best operates if you don’t touch it so once it has set its mode and you’re using it, there is no control, it’s all set.
  • If you changed the controls while you’re trying to talk, you’ll stop being able to communicate. Well, it’s the same with this. Once your PSC is in function where it is collecting data that makes you feel the most comfortable, you don’t touch it. So as your system is taking a snapshot of the telegraph pole, so it knows what to do with it, you don’t offer any suggestions, you don’t make any decisions and you don’t have any thoughts, you just observe.
  • The second stage of the programming is when the PSC decides where it is, relative to you all the time, and it tracks it and even if you’re going to run into it, you’ll get a signal that makes you move away from it. So that’s the second stage of the program where it programs back into you to make your body do what you want, so once again, it’s a little bit like people driving cars. Some have to concentrate right on the road and on every little bit, others can talk and chat and look around and they drive quite well and there’s never been anything worse than when you are trained to not use that skill. When you are trained to have to look at the road and you have to do this and you have to do that, you turn off the secondary function of the PSC that tells you exactly what to do even if you are not looking.
  • So in a practical sense we can go a long way even in our own field just by allowing the possibility of being different. You’ve all done a lot of courses about allowing yourself to be you. Well this one is a little bit more, this is allowing yourself to be different. If you allow yourself to be different from what you think, you’ll start to feel your PSC talk to you and you’ll do things easily and without thought and without focus. You’ll put things down without looking at them but you’ll know where they are, yet you were trained to say if you don’t see where you put them how will you know where they are, and in fact, you allow yourself to do it all. You may have to observe yourself a few times and then you won’t have to and it’s a very very quick thing. It makes your whole movement easier and makes every position you sit, move, stand whatever totally comfortable. You’ve seen people doing exercises and moving their body in ways you think are impossible or standing with their knees bent for two hours and you think it’s impossible but if you allow the PSC to work, those positions are just like sitting on a chair, you’ll be held there and that’s why I talk to people about using their energy to get out of their chair, to move to support themselves, to re-structure themselves because the PSC will take it over if you give it the opportunity. And all of a sudden all the hard work that you’re supposed to do won’t be needed. Like children don’t have to do exercises. They exercise because of who they are , they don’t exercise to make themselves who they are. And you don’t have to do it or even be concerned about it.
  • The next real advantage is a little bit like tracking the telegraph pole but it’s making sure that you have in your life everything that suits your vibration. The vibration within you will change immensely after the PSC is programmed and so you have to get it used to the fact that the energy around you moves and that was the few exercises that I put in the book where you sit and you just flop your energy around, letting it go backwards and forwards and you just let it swing (demonstrating) and you do the same for every part of your body until it’s all flexible and floppy in moving and then it will get a rhythm and you’ll feel the buzz and that rhythm and that buzz is your PSC starting to switch on!
  • And as the buzz goes, the vibration starts and now you are outside your limited field……..and it’s just another vibration because you’ve allowed yourself to move.
  • It’s a little bit like you see in electronics. You see the electrons move around and every once in a while you’ll see an electron shoot outside its field…and another one until it all lights up and that’s exactly what you do…you start to shoot outside your field, not by trying anything, just by allowing everything to move and you see if I stop now you’ll feel the buzz change but you know that you are still outside.
  • You have a feeling of it being there, a feeling of extending beyond something, so as you extend beyond anything you are more comfortable because the reverse happens. The energy from outside that field can now feed your system so it carries the EMF from a much purer source straight into your system. Once that happens, all the parts of your body that have stored stuff that you don’t need start to drop those parts of electrons, those parts of the growths around the cells that don’t match the higher field. As that happens, more particles go out and more come in. Therefore your limited field gets surpassed without you fixing anything. And the PSC is operating quite well now, you all feel just a little bit different and we didn’t do anything just moved the energy and you notice now if I say “move your energy” you go “I don’t need to.”
  • It’s away, it’s happening, it’s buzzing and it’s shooting everywhere.
  • If we go past that, we start to look at interaction between ourselves and everything on the earth and that interaction is pure bliss. Because even the scent of a flower ends up inside your body, in your cells.   So you’re starting to get a little bit of a feel of what all this is….and we haven’t once spoken about interaction between people because it doesn’t even come in does it? You cannot even find it once you pass your limited field because there’s so much movement that you are all moving together and that’s where we have to be to enable a group movement.
  • If we put a group together at the moment, the movement is caused by aggression or persuasion which is inside the worst part of every cell you’ve got. When you are interacting, outside the limited field, it’s a dance. It all just works. Analysis, thought or anything like that, you can’t find because that doesn’t come from here.
  • So now if you go a little bit further, we haven’t even gone outside of the functions that we have normally and we will have to go over this next lot again but if we think about the times we have meditated and gone way out, all the quiet times when we do that, just imagine what you skip between here and there. That’s how you disconnect the PSC function because you actually turn it off and that’s why meditation causes more problems in the holy lands than anywhere because they are fed back into a system that couldn’t match the vibration and the fixed system just causes explosions. You get a person who has been meditating and a person who has been out for a football game walk straight up to him and see what the explosion is because it’s got no harmony.
  • Your PSC is a natural harmonizer and it harmonizes from the minutest part of your cells right down to that finest point that we know in matter that has intelligence, The detail of how that works, you will forget very quickly because you work with a higher level language and that higher level language is called spirit. (smile)…and it’s an unbelievable feeling.. soon as you feel it, you know, so that high level language can take you through every limitation….feel it start to vibrate in you already because that is the high level language that allows us to actually do anything, to fix anything, to change anything.
  • Now, just come back and be with what is happening…we are still outside that limited field. The action of spirit will increase the movement through all the barriers and it is totally the unlimited…so that life keeps saying, you know if you get excited by something and it hits that button, it makes you jump out of the chair and you don’t care even if you have a broken leg. Nothing can stop it and
  • nothing can stop it because it is unlimited.
  • So, if you work with the high level language, you can start to make things happen in your life just because that’s what supposed to happen. Not because you’ve done anything, not because you want anything, because that’s what is supposed to happen. The second you allow your electro-magnetic field to change to match the condition you know to be yours in life, all of a sudden you are transported there and the Magic is the structure of everything around you will change physically to bring circumstance and physical things into your life that bring everything about that you can imagine.
  • The only mistake we make is by trying to take somebody else’s life and put it in that picture, you can’t because they will be in there if they are the same vibration. You can’t make them part of your picture because you then turn off your PSC because your PSC will not work against itself or the PSC of another person. So then it becomes a power game, who is going to turn off their PSC. That’s why you feel like half your life disappears when you get together with the wrong person or even with the right person.
  • Outside the limits, if you are outside the limits first, then everything will start to happen and you will not impose on anybody’s picture. So, first steps first, that is always the way. That is, to get your energy moving, feel yourself outside all limitations, go with whatever comes to you and your life will change. That’s the high level language.
  • As soon as I tell you about detail, you go back into where you can do detail and that’s not with your PSC. PSC operates automatically and takes us into the world of Magic and Miracles and creates, based on our observation, our field (in other words, if you feel good, everything will be good around you) and we all know that. But it’s not a case of feeling lousy and then making yourself feel good, that doesn’t work.
  • Just move your vibration if you’re not feeling good…(demonstrating) flop it around until it all sparkles and the music is there and you feel good. There is nothing else to do…and then you can leap around like a young child and experience a life that you never imagined.
  • I’ll give you an idea of how far we go…in programming yourself, there are many steps but the further you go the less you need to do because the operating language is higher, quicker, simpler.
  • Memories are stored all around you, you don’t have to look up and you don’t have to go back to anywhere to get them.
  • The whole purpose of having a flexible electro magnetic field is to be willing to lose everything including your memory… so just let it float around and let it go and what will come to you is 10 times better than you can remember because you have gone out into the field that is much purer and when the cells start to gain a sweetness that will impress you no end and remember what I said about the essence of a flower, it will come from your body because you have extended past your limited field into where you can all interact at a level of perfection that you have never seen before…So I’m not going to go much further but I will close by saying,
  • The Exposure you have had already is equivalent to most people’s lifetimes, just in the short time we sat here. That’s how quickly we are going to work through all the people in the world and as we go out and start to talk to people, it will all be along that line of expanding and going further each time.
  • You can view this on video at:
  • Elevation Session

It is Easy to Smile!

It Is Easy To Smile

Who are You ...
Who are You …

It is easy to smile when you know that the world smiles with you.

Our inner connection is such that one smile instigates another and another until the whole world smiles with you. There is no physical proof but we all know that it is true and a sensation of complete satisfaction is returned to prove its reality.

At this time, more than ever before, little things matter, and the problems of the world sink into the background when you focus on the small. A caring glance will transform a life in a moment and the brilliance of a young child will bring you to tears.

These things have much more depth than the superficial life we are exposed to every day, and the magical powers of such simple acts can never be emphasized enough.

Our purpose in the world has been overshadowed by many complexities, and the simple things have been pushed into the background. One quick smile can light up your eyes and reveal the simplicity that holds your message for the world.

The project for the elevation of the world “is still on” and the simplicity of a smile or a special gesture to another person will reveal the secret of your entire life. Try it and you will never again wonder about your real purpose in life.

Spanish translation – Robert Wrote 1-9-15

Listen to the wind and you will hear many things. Even a slight breeze can attract your attention and tempt you to listen to what it is saying. The messages are clear and sometimes from places beyond our imagination but they are there and often missed because of our lack of attention. The sounds that surround us every day hold something special for each person and the simple awareness of what is present will open the way to another world of movement and sound that is rarely experienced.

Escucha el viento y oirás muchas cosas. Incluso una ligera brisa puede atraer tu atención y tentará a escuchar lo que está diciendo. Los mensajes son claros y a veces de lugares más allá de nuestra imaginación, pero están ahí y, a menudo no reconocidos debido a nuestra falta de atención. Los sonidos que nos rodean cada día contienen algo especial para cada persona y de la simple conciencia de lo que está presente abrirá el camino a otro mundo de movimiento y sonido que rara vez se experimenta.

No matter where you are, the experience is unique and all the events that lead you to the next place are sitting there waiting for your attention. As the ebb and flow of life touches your world in many different ways, the fixed patterns become a thing of the past and you follow the excitement of every moment, just like a little child.

No importa dónde te encuentres, la experiencia es única y todos los eventos que conducen al siguiente lugar se encuentran ahí esperando tu atención. A medida que el flujo y reflujo de la vida toca a tu mundo de muchas maneras diferentes, los patrones fijos se convierten en una cosa del pasado y tú sigues la emoción de cada momento, al igual que un niño pequeño.

As we open our conversation it is important that you see your world in the light that it is presented and you pass on to everyone the true meaning of what you can see.

Al abrir nuestra conversación es importante que veas a tu mundo en la luz que se presenta, pasasandolos a todos el verdadero significado de lo que puedes ver.

Simplicity is precise in every way and has no need for additional description. Once you approach simplicity there is no room for outside rules, interpretations or opinions and one simple instruction from the unknown never overlaps another.

La simplicidad es precisa en todos los sentidos sin necesidad de una descripción adicional. Una vez que te acercas a la simplicidad no hay lugar para las reglas externas, interpretaciones u opiniones y una sencilla instrucción de lo desconocido nunca se superpone a otra .

Your complete operating system is based on simplicity and it will not work in the lower language of confusion. Because of this you are directed away from such things and continually taken to where you can see beyond the physical world and into the simplicity that exists everywhere. There is no need for further explanation. You are a unique being and you have a unique way of presenting your simplicity to the world.

Tu sistema operativo completo se basa en la simplicidad y no va a funcionar en el lenguaje inferior de la confusión. Debido a esto se te dirige lejos de tales cosas, llevándote constantemente a donde puedes ver más allá del mundo físico y adentro de la simplicidad que existe en todas partes. No hay necesidad de más explicaciónes. Eres un ser único y tienes una manera única de presentar tu sencillez al mundo.

Now that we have this clear it is easy to bring the latest news to you and allow it to be delivered in a way that will serve everyone. You are destined to move further into the technical part of your development and to bring much to the world that you have not yet entered. To this end, you have been given a boost in the area that is needed to open the way for endless financial flow for humanity. This is not the ultimate outcome but it is what is needed in the immediate future.

Ahora que tenemos esto claro, es fácil traerte las últimas noticias, permitiendo de que te sean entregadas de una manera que sirva a todos. Estás destinado a moverte más en la parte técnica de tu desarrollo, trayendole mucho al mundo al que todavía no has entrado. Para ello, se te ha dado un impulso en el área necesaria, a fin de abrir el camino al flujo financiero sin fin para la humanidad. Este no es el resultado final, pero es lo que se necesita en el futuro inmediato.

You have been given access to some of the most advanced cloud based systems developed so far in the world and as an endorsed developer you will be given the opportunity to see what is available for further advancement in this area. At the same time you will continue to consume all the data you can about web and other system development so that the systems can come together and form a solid backbone for the future.

Se te ha dado acceso a algunos de los sistemas basados ​​en la nube más avanzados, desarrollados hasta ahora en el mundo, y como un desarrollador aprobado se te dará la oportunidad de ver lo que está disponible para un mayor avance en ese aspecto. Al mismo tiempo seguirás consumiendo todos los datos que puedas sobre desarrollo del sistema de la red y otros, de modo que los sistemas pueden unirse y formar una columna vertebral sólida para el futuro.

You will be given a lead into the money system when you least expect it and you will need to be ready to access the flow at a moments notice. It is unfortunate that there is no way of leading you into many of these things but they do not follow the sequential methods that can signal their appearance in your present space. As you move forward, or in whatever direction you may be led, the feeling of total security will grow to indicate the presence of our assets.

Se te dará un avance en el sistema monetario cuando menos te lo esperas y tendrás que estar listo para acceder al flujo de un momento a otro. Es lamentable que no haya manera de conducirte adentro de muchas de estas cosas, pero ellas no siguen los métodos secuenciales que pueden señalar su aparición en tu lugar actual. A medida que avanzas hacia adelante, o en cualquier dirección que vayas a ser llevado, la sensación de seguridad total crecerá para indicar la presencia de nuestros bienes.

This is all you need to be conscious of the inevitable appearance of financial and other assets in your life. Many transfers have been completed and there is a flow that has appeared but not been recognized at this point in time. Out of nowhere it will suddenly show itself when you are looking in another direction and the complete system will be simplicity itself, with no chance of confusion or manipulation.

Esto es todo lo que necesitas para ser consciente de la inevitable aparición de bienes financieros y otros en tu vida. Se han completado muchas transferencias y hay un flujo que ha aparecido pero no han sido reconocido hasta ahora. De repente se manifestará de la nada, cuando estás buscando por otro lado y el sistema completo será la simplicidad misma sin posibilidad de confusión o manipulación.

As we have stated before, there is no room for anyone else to stand in your position and every time you hand the reins to someone else they will be returned to you to steer everything through the maze of activity that confounds most of humanity. You have helped everyone to their elevated platform and now they are waiting for someone to lead them through the unknown to where they know exactly what they are doing.

Como hemos dicho antes, no hay espacio para otros de estar en tu lugar y cada vez que entregas las riendas a otra persona te serán devueltas, a fin de que lo dirijas todo a través del laberinto de actividades que confunde la mayoría de la humanidad. Has ayudado a todos a su plataforma elevada y ahora están esperando a alguien que los guie a través de lo desconocido hacia donde sabrán exactamente lo que tienen que hacer.

Without the use of multiple dimensions you have no capability in the world and what has been done so far, cannot be seen unless you open these dimensions. Each time you write there is a message embedded in your text that opens the dimensions and provides an understanding that has no real connection to logic or even the words that are presented. This is being promoted to another level where the understanding will have pictures that match the unique pictures being held by those who read your words. From here on there will be no need to be careful about your words and the message that is delivered will have much more depth than ever before.

Sin el uso de múltiples dimensiones no tienes ninguna capacidad en el mundo y lo que se ha hecho hasta el momento, no se puede ver a menos que abras estas dimensiones. Cada vez que escribes hay un mensaje intercalado en el texto que abre las dimensiones y ofrece un entendimiento que no tiene una conexión verdadera con la lógica, ni siquiera con las palabras  presentadas. Esto está siendo promovido hacia otro nivel donde la comprensión tendrá imágenes que coinciden con las imágenes únicas en poder de los que leen tus palabras. De aquí en adelante no habrá necesidad de tener cuidado con las palabras y el mensaje que se entrega tendrá mucha más profundidad que antes jamás.

The fact that you are writing now, when you have so much more to accomplish, proves that the words are so important that they take priority over the intense drive that you have to continue with your designated tasks. This will continue to happen and you will find time for everything, even when it looks like your progress is being disturbed. At this point you can see the day disappearing but it is an illusion that happens when you focus on time. You are not constrained by time and never have been. This you must know and live before you can experience the true value of your own presence.

El hecho de que estás escribiendo ahora, cuando tienes tanto más que lograr, demuestra que las palabras son tan importantes que tienen prioridad sobre el intenso impulso de que hay que continuar con tus tareas designadas. Esto seguirá ocurriendo y encontrarás tiempo para todo, incluso cuando parece que tu progreso está siendo perturbado. En este punto puedes ver desaparecer el día, pero es una ilusión que se da cuando te enfocas en el tiempo. No estás ni nunca habías estado limitado por el tiempo. Esto lo debes conocer y vivir antes de que puedas experimentar el verdadero valor de tu propia presencia.

Think in the manner that you came with and forget all that you have been conditioned to think. There are many gifts that you can appreciate but many more that you have forgotten. All the time and space that has been injected into your being can now be dislodged and the freedom of your origin can then be seen and felt in the world. The freedom of intense capability must fill every person’s life even when there is no proof or comparison in place. This is what you carry and this is what you will present to the world through your own character as time and space are dislodged and your origin begins to show once again.

Piensa de la manera con la que viniste  y olvida todo lo que has sido condicionado a pensar. Hay muchos regalos que puedes apreciar, pero muchos más que se te han olvidado. Todo el tiempo y el espacio que han sido inyectados en tu ser ahora pueden ser expulsados y la libertad de tu origen puede ser vista y sentida en el mundo. La libertad de intensa capacidad debe llenar la vida de cada persona, incluso cuando no hay lugar a ninguna prueba o comparación. Esto es lo que llevas y lo que vas a presentar al mundo a través de tu propio carácter, mientras el tiempo y el espacio son eliminados y tu origen comienza nuevamente a mostrarse. 

Throughout the day there will be many new experiences that have been held at bay for some time. These experiences have no name in the physical world but are so familiar to you that you will thrive in their presence. Be aware that you are more than you have been trained to consider and it is time to bring this into the open. You must be reminded regularly so that the induced program of society is prevented from overwriting what is not seen in other people. The fact that you have the capability of appearing in other people’s worlds whenever you need seems to have been totally suppressed and your connection into the lives of everyone has been turned down to meet general acceptability. These and many other special aspects of your being will be displayed at their full capacity and you will once again know yourself in your real form.

Durante todo el día habrá muchas nuevas experiencias que se han mantenido a raya durante algún tiempo. Estas experiencias no tienen nombre en el mundo físico, pero te son tan familiares que vas a prosperar en su presencia. Ten en cuenta que eres más de lo que has sido entrenado a considerar y es el momento de traer esto a la luz. Debes ser recordado con regularidad para que el programa inducido de la sociedad no pueda sobrescribir lo que no se ve en otros. El hecho de que tienes la capacidad de aparecer en los mundos de otros cada vez que lo necesites,  parece haber sido totalmente suprimido y tu conexión a la vida de todos ha sido rechazada para satisfacer la aceptabilidad general. Estos y otros muchos aspectos especiales de tu ser se mostrarán en su plena capacidad y que volverás a conocerte a ti mismo en tu forma verdadera.