IMG_1032.JPGRobert’s Words I have lived by:

Robert can be quoted at all times………!

– “Wrong Program”

-“See It”

“Throw your energy for balance and power”   See below !

“Use the energy of your energetic field””

“Acknowledge PSC” (Personal SuperComputer)

“Listen for your signal”

“Focus on the future,  watch the present shift”

-“No rules”

“No limitations”

“Thoughts are louder than words”

“Learn from children”

“Acknowledge miracles”

“Know that you are magic”

“Birds invite you into their dimension”

-“Don’t forget to use your divine signature”

“Cease all derogatory remarks towards yourself”

“Be impeccable”

“Every morning is a new day and a new you”

“Don’t allow yourself to be taken into another’s world”

“Know your mask”

“Remain  connected to your Creator”

“Send your problems to the trees”

Be open to fairies”-“

“We are not alone”

“Don’t hang pictures on me”

“Don’t ask “how”.


19 thoughts on “Concept”

  1. It’s so great to be able to hear your prespective Barbara! I have so appreciated Robert’s words in my life. They have become my operating principles and as I LIVE them…everything in my life is better. Each day is an adventure. I am seeing my dreams for my own life and for earth becoming a physical reality. It’s wonderful.
    Much love to you dear one.

  2. Thank you Barbara/Robert! I love the “Wrong Program” one! Works every time. Some times I add “Ctrl/Alt/Delete” with it. We expect deterioration with age with new aches and pains and inflexibilities. I wonder if all that is just an overload of “wrong programs”?!

    1. Dear Nurit,
      That is brilliant! An overload of “wrong programs” can and usually does lead to inflexibility and yes, all that you itemized. It makes me realize that it is never too soon to see the wrong program and eliminate it.
      Thank you!

  3. I also love the “Don’t ask “how”” one. Sometimes I add what Gabor often says to me, “Just stay with the question. Be comfortable with not knowing.”

    1. That is a big one! Our “intelligence” demands an explanation that our minds can feel satisfied and have something to “chew on”. Gabor is so right….commentary is excess baggage to lug around.

  4. Dearest Barbara&Robert,
    I have a problem , expressing my self, with words, all I have to say is when I am in your presence, I can feel your love.I hope you can feel mine to both of you.Toni

  5. Dear Barbara and Robert,
    I love your things to live by, I am using wrong program and boy does it work. send your problems to the trees, no rules, and I am learning to use them, when they are needed. the one I would like you to explain is Throw your energy for balance and power, Is this what Robert was speaking about? I am trying to listen to all I can about the writings. I want to absorb as much as i could without overload but it is so great.I have more books than a book store , forget about it, all rules and making me feel I am not doing it right, the books go down stairs Roberts Books satay upstairs where I can feel really good about myself , no guilt.Thank you my dear friends. So much love to both of you Toni

    1. Dear Toni,

      We just read your wonderful account of where and how you are. Your responses are why this blog is so important.
      In answer to your request:
      “I would like you to explain “Throw your energy for balance and power, ”
      Robert taught me that when I wake up in the morning, I will probably feel a little “wonky” (his vibration is enormous!).
      He instructed me to spin my energy (you’ll know the right direction for you) like a top.. Then throw your energy forward and up to get out of bed.
      When walking up a hill, throw your energy onto a tree or pole and simply wind it in. Your body simply follows.
      Try it, it is fun!
      Your home sounds wonderful, stay cozy.
      Love and sparkles,

  6. Thank you Barbara, You and Robert has opened up a new world for me. After all these years, of feeling guilty, about not being able to perform, the way. they tell you should, I am not judging myself anymore, I feel so free, It’s a miracle.Thank you for the spin I am going to try it. Now I am looking for the sparkles, Thanks again you two.Toni

  7. Annie Costa commented:
    just wanted to also say thank you for 2 very specific items you’ve shared
    – “wrong program” and how to recharge batteries
    – both work just like magic!

    sparkles to you both!

  8. Dear Barbara, I have comment on the concept, and i use several ones. what does the one be open to fairies, i would love to able to do that. Love to both of you Toni

  9. Dear Toni,
    What a wonderful question!
    This has nothing to do with the state of your mind.
    Go out the back door as a child would and be open and willing to see a fairy!
    More coming………..

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