Poem by Robert

The Unknown Cloud
The Unknown Cloud

You Are More Than Just Man

Let me listen to the future
And sing to the birds,

Let me speak the unknown
And treasure my words,

Let me ride in the sky
And make friends with the wind,

Its time has now come
We can all take a whirl,

Down the road of advancement
In our own little world,

Come with me now
And let go of my hand,

You will rise above all
Who live on the land,

In the midst of all beauty
There is a chance to be grand,

Be on that cloud
That you don’t understand,

This is perfection
And this you can stand,

Be proud of your friends
As they walk through the land,

Now stay where you are
You are more than just man.

Recent Updates 1

Something New
Something New

This is an update to let you know about all the changes and additions to our websites and blogs:

The first thing I must mention is Kaden and Konnor on this blogsite. Because of so many open hearts who connected immediately to these two wonderful brothers, Kaden and Konnor will be featured on a website called: www.breannasgift.org

Next, we have the additions to youngsight.com …Elisabeth ElSol in Costa Rica has been translating Robert’s writing into Spanish. Within a day of the writing, I receive her translation and her joyous responses. Click on http://youngsight.com/traduccion-espanol/     and you will find a list of all of Robert’s writings that you can share with your Spanish-speaking friends.

A very dear friend of mine, Nurit Judit Harsanyi, living in Budapest, Hungary, gave a transcript of “There Is Another Way” to a friend, Erika Tuza to translate. You can find this wonderful piece in three languages at:   http://youngsight.com/project/barbara-presents-there-is-another-way/

There is probably a whole lot more to share, but for now this is all I can think of. I’ll update as everything come to mind.  Your comments are always welcomed.

Love and Harmony,