Special Stuff

Eyes of the World

I love this!

It is not what I see, it is what I feel when I look at it.

(This painting was a wedding gift to us from my brother Bob and his wife Risa.)

The actual painting did not travel with us from Australia but I had the presence of heart to request a photograph be taken, to be shared with you.

I invite you to share what you are feeling when you gaze (without thought).





3 thoughts on “Special Stuff”

    1. Please forgive me for not seeing your wonderful comment before this! Thank you! You just brought more meaning to this painting!

  1. Peace Tranquility Acceptance.
    Dear Barbara this is so apropos, less than 2 hours ago I was just thinking about you and your husband. My son has bought a house in Ontario California and my first thought was how I would love to see you and Robert.
    Coinsidence, I belive those words I wrote down represent what I would find.

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