If you look towards the “future” in everything you do then the “present” will change in an effort to provide that future.

Robert Young

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3 thoughts on “Future”

  1. Thanks David Katzner for inspiring me to write this post.

    This is for all of us who feel set back by the results of the US Midterm elections…

    I just thought i would pass on my thoughts to you all.

    I think that the Republicans and the Billionaire class know how to exploit the system that they rigged more effectively than we give them credit.

    For one, they knew that the crash of 2008 would lead to a major change in the quality of life for the 99%. They knew people would be dissatisfied, and they needed to allow that dissatisfaction to sink in, so they blocked President Obama at every turn, b/c their worst fear was that thinks could be different.
    Second, they used one of the oldest tricks in politics, to ruin the economy as you relinquish power, and then try and pin the blame on the opposition coming in (ie President Obama), and when people eventually believe the lies and end up blaming President Obama instead of Bush, then they will be able to use that to regain power.

    Third, they used the media control they have to brainwash the masses. Say a lie enough times, and people will begin to believe it. The irony is the Tea Party represents hard working poor who have actually been brainwashed into fighting against their own self interest. Obamacare will actually benefit them the most.
    Fourth, the greatest wealth transfer mechanism ever created, i.e. the stock market, is the casino that the billionaire class own, to trick the 99% to invest the little capital they have, and then use chaos to create panic and transfer wealth. It runs on two main emotions, fear and greed. They actually feed the greed and so many have bought into the idea that they can become rich quick and avoid hard work, and they have no idea how the computerized trading system is virtually impossible to beat. The casino always makes out if you stay long enough, just like any other casino. No better current example of the how the lie of trickle down economics continues to be just that…a lie…where is the trickling, now that the 1% have made all the gains since Bush lost power, perhaps some will see the truth that Wall street only benefits those that have capital to begin with and the insider knowledge to know how to manipulate the rigged system and feed off the sheep they lead to be slaughtered?

    The beautiful irony of this is, that as more people do get slaughtered and lose their entire life savings, they start to examine why, and then they connect the dots, and can see how wrong it is when a company loses billions, for example, and needs to be bailed out by the taxpayers, while the ceo and cfo get paid hundreds of millions to walk away from it all scott free….

    What they want us to do is exactly what some of us are now doing…becoming deflated after the election results. This is just one battle in a long war…a war we the 99% will win, if we continue to expose the truth, and wake up to the rigged system. They can only perpetuate it as long as they are able to hide behind their lies. We have to understand their tactics and learn to not only counter those tactics, but learn from them, and use them to our benefit to perpetuate the truth enough so that it is truly known.

    I believe that when the majority of the 99% feel the change in their lives, then things will change and the apathy will subside. Ever since Bush left us with the crash, the only ones feeling any better are the 1% for whom the system is rigged. It’s understandable then that they would vote for something to change, and fall for the lies yet again.

    Truth will eventually come out. It is up to us that see through it to illuminate the rest of us that are blinded. Please don’t lose hope, for truth is your greatest ally. Everyone senses something is wrong…once enough realize why…watch out!

    Peace and love…

  2. Thanks so much Barbara, for this amazing opportunity to share light with you, Robert, and everyone…I did post an updated version of the above response to David’s post…it’s amazing how well it was received. Thanks again for the encouragement <3

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