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Nurit Judit Harsanyi This tendency of not speaking up is also very prevalent around new age Guru’s who promise thousands of devotees to “take them across” and the spiritual sheep (and I was one of them) stick around for years waiting and hoping something will happen that never does. I now have great respect for REBELS!

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  1. Rebels are always against something.
    When you can remember…”There is always another way” ,
    your own knowingness can grow and you can get out from under.
    Think of how many must there be who must hear from us.

    ..out from under

    1. Some times being against something (like the wrong programming, for example) is a good start since it generates more energy than a passive sheep would ever have. Then of course, when inner freedom starts to bubble up there is a surge of energy that far surpasses that of the initial rebellion state and it can be dropped!

      1. Hi Nurit,

        I find that “inner freedom” is always there when I trust the flow. Harmony happens, no matter the situation, when we keep saying YES and don’t resist anything. There is such a joy in simplicity, in the knowing that there’s nothing to rebel against, that all is perfect in our world.

        Sending love,

        1. Thank you Kathleen. That is a good place to be especially if it is a freedom that is felt from within. If it is thought induced or cultivated it usually fluctuates and then resistance starts to rear it’s ugly head again. The good news is that even resistance can be accepted (nothing worse than resisting resistance!) and then it simply melts away. And yes, the joy of simplicity is quite delicious!
          Much love to you!

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