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Something New
Something New

This is an update to let you know about all the changes and additions to our websites and blogs:

The first thing I must mention is Kaden and Konnor on this blogsite. Because of so many open hearts who connected immediately to these two wonderful brothers, Kaden and Konnor will be featured on a website called:

Next, we have the additions to …Elisabeth ElSol in Costa Rica has been translating Robert’s writing into Spanish. Within a day of the writing, I receive her translation and her joyous responses. Click on     and you will find a list of all of Robert’s writings that you can share with your Spanish-speaking friends.

A very dear friend of mine, Nurit Judit Harsanyi, living in Budapest, Hungary, gave a transcript of “There Is Another Way” to a friend, Erika Tuza to translate. You can find this wonderful piece in three languages at:

There is probably a whole lot more to share, but for now this is all I can think of. I’ll update as everything come to mind.  Your comments are always welcomed.

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