Nurit (Jan) in Budapest, Hungary and Barbara in Santa Barbara,

Barbara:    I treasure our friendship.
Jan:   likewise not just “like” wise, but “is” wise!
Barbara:   YES!!!
Jan:   Off to bed…. have a great rest of the day and I will have rest for the night!
Wednesday, September 17, 2014 10:55 AM
Barbara:   Good Afternoon,
Jan:   Good evening!
Barbara:   Did you know that you have the best honey in the world?
Jan:   yes. Gabor is great! the food honey is pretty good too.
Barbara:   It’s a good morning here!
Now that we have our honeys straight……..I can skype a session with a client.
Your lightness is an essential in this world.
Jan:   True. I look forward to reading the next newsletter. Have a great day. Love <3
Friday, October 17, 2014 11:48 PM
Barbara:   We are going to bed and you are up for breakfast. Just finished a very lovely fifth anniversary.
Jan:   That is so nice. I am soooooo happy for you. Much love to both of you and have a great night. We are just waking up and having our coffee..
Barbara:   Good Evening!
Wonderful report on Gabor’s meeting!
Jan:   Thank you so much! It was truly magical.
Barbara:   I’ve created a “Nurit’s Page” on
Robert is thrilled to see me take the reins and be the power that I am and we are!
 Getting settled is unsettling. 🙂
Your love energy will create “home”.
Jan:   true. thank you
How are you?
 Discovering so much and watching Robert devouring all there is to know about creating websites…….while I am having wonderful dialogues with new friends around the world through the newsletter and The Shift Network.
Jan:   that’s wonderful
Barbara:   Robert and I are going to be interviewed on Skype tomorrow for
Lisa is the woman you might have heard narrating the latest newsletter. She is from Liverpool, UK
I had an extensive texting with Lisa before and I mentioned Nurit’s Page and that we will be working together…….we’ll see.
Jan:   I still have one more box to open with all my notes so i will start focusing on writing once that is done.
Barbara:   Wonderful!!
Jan:   some people are still hooked on a teaching.  Hard to consider that all those years we were being misled
but the whole world is being misled
Barbara:   Robert refers often to the crabs who won’t allow each other to escape…..that is what was done and also to “rat” on each other was a tactic I suffered and didn’t see through until Robert.
Now I see it as a microcosm of the U.S. as the election just showed vividly.
Jan:   true
Barbara:   When you go to also look at Alex’s View page. I met him on FB and it was a instant friendship.
Jan:   Gabor was just saying today that half truths inoculate people from ever finding the real truth
I think you and I have been very fortunate
Barbara:   He is a psychiatrist who wants to be of service. He and Gabor will love each other.
You can also see the dialogue between Alex and Robert on
Wednesday, November 12, 2014 7:09 AM
Barbara:   Good Afternoon!
Jan:   Good morning
Barbara:   Love seeing your name as online when I wake up
 I feel your love
 Our interview will be broadcast today at 11 am our time when you will be asleep. It was taped yesterday and it was fun.
Jan:   very cool
Barbara:   I’ll let you know how it goes.
Jan:   wonderful. I am sure it will be great!!!
Barbara:   Did you receive the copy of Roert’s reply to Jasmine?
Jan:   Yes. I responded via email. Excellent! I have an idea that I wanted your opinion on
Barbara:   anything!
Jan:   Remember my book “Ancient Stories Living Today”. I am considering re-writing it and inserting mine and Gabor’s words.
Barbara:   Excellent ***********!
Jan:   Thank you
Barbara:   Whenever I get on here, I feel like there is not much to say and THEN………..!
Jan:   True
Barbara:   When we began the Skype call with Lisa in th UK for the interview, she asked Robert to give a little background of his “story” and he was so direct and said “no” and a whole lot more. Every time she tried to take what he said and define it, he called her on “taking the wings off the butterfly” (that’s mine).
Jan:   Good for him!
Barbara:   He actually said, pinning the butterfly to the wall by a collector.
Jan:   Right on!
Barbara:   He liked Gabor’s comment about half-truths.
Jan:   Funny, just today Gabor used the metaphor of the butterfly. He said that my illness is because I am coming out of my cacoon and becoming a butterfly
Barbara:   He’s probably right….I thought the same thing. We both had to wriggle out of a hostile cocoon.
Jan:   The half truths idea is sooo important to be exposed!
Barbara:   It’s very sneaky………….but effective
We are both “freeing for each other
Jan:   It is especially dangerous when a teacher tells you that the Guru is within and at the same time makes you completely dependent on him for a future benefit that never comes
Yes we are. I feel that you are my closest and dearest friend since I can talk to you like this
Barbara:   I think we have begun…… for the location and format.
I cannot tell you how many times Robert pointed out “that man again has contaminated you…..”
Jan:   that’s exactly what Gabor says
Barbara:   Oh boy!
Out of the hostile cocoon” could be the name of the book!
All of that is not part of our world
Robert did say ….he wasn’t always that way but he threw in the towel and allowed his students to run his life and his ruination followed.
or something like that…..
Jan:   right
Barbara:   Believe it or not…….people in California began treating Robert as “their guru” and each time this happened, we flew back to Australia!
They tried to pin on him that he deserted them.
I know this dependency from being a therapist……one woman was the cause of my moving away to another state, CT from NY.
Jan:   People are very open here
Barbara:   I feel that from the picture.
Jan:   but most people all over want to hear stories instead of the message
Barbara:   Of course,
like Robert’s accident
and they never remember it correctly because they can’t accept it all.
Jan:   Gabor is so proud of Robert for not wanting to tell it again. They try to do that to him too and want him to tell about his visit with the Indians in Equador
Barbara:   They don’t want to change!
Jan:   Change is not easy. I should know. I was saying to Gabor why are we teaching this stuff when it requires at tiimes painful change. and he said, we have no choice. The world is changing and we have to go with it.
Barbara:   Reminds me of the fish tank that Robert speaks of…… are starting to float up to the surface, they are ill…………….you change the water and the fish are happily swimming around. Change the electro magnetic force field and everyone is fine.
Jan:   YES
Barbara:   I once wrote a paper “The limitless power of agreement”
I feel a Skype call in our future.
Feeling better? We changed the water!!!!:-)
Jan:   If you have time on the weekend perhaps we can skype then
Barbara:   Sure  Let’s “talk soon”
Just this conversation (saved) is a dialogue for our book.
Have a beautifulevening
Jan:   Looking forward to it. Going to rest now. Have a fabulous day filled with magic! Love to you and Robert from GAbor and me. xoxoxox
Jan:   Good morning, Barbara. Is this a good time for you to skype?
Barbara:   in a half hour would be great!
Jan:   Great.
Barbara:   Looking forward to our call
Jan:   me too
Barbara:    What is your Skype name? Do we have it?
Jan:   jan.oren
Jan:   WOW!!! That was amazing!!! Gabor and I enjoyed our skype with you sooooooooo much!!! Gabor is so thrilled to have finally been able to speak with someone who walks his talk. Lots of love to both of you from us and let’s do this again soon! xoxoxox
Barbara:   …….and we sooooo enjoyed our Skype with you!! I’ve never heard a man “get it” like Gabor does. We both agreed we could have spoken all day.
Til soon!
Love and Magic!
Sunday, November 16, 2014 5:45 AM

Barbara:   Hi

Jan:   Hi. Good morning.
Barbara:   Good Afternoon!
That could be the title of our book!
Jan:   Just sent it to you again. It is actually our consideration but Gabor initiated it our conversation.
Barbara:   Robert picked up on Gabor and said that he could have spoken all afternoon.
Jan:   That’s exactly what we said. Gabor thought we only spoke for 1/2 an hour but it was 2 hours and we could have gone on for ever
Barbara:   Last night, we were invited to dinner by an old friend, Cricket, who discovered Robert on Youtube. Accompanying her were Darakshan Farber, an interesting guy with a magnificent house in Ojai where Robert Scheinfeld (also with us) was giving a five day workshop “Making your life a perfection” or something like that.
Cricket raved about the course, Robert S. was humble and Robert was totally lighthearted and wonderfully informing. Darakshan was recalling how we first met and that was in 2010 when Robert spoke at his magnificent mansion and he sat in the hall listening (his living room was pasked with people.)
Jan:   sounds wonderful
Did you read the email with our considerations?
Barbara:   Of course, and forwarded it to Robert.
The reason I went into detail about the workshop was his multi-media presentations for 5 days was probably comparable to out 2 hours.
Jan:   Oh! wow
Barbara:   The two of them! Just think of it. Both have amazing stories of origin that people will eat up. AND you and I have our own stories……leading to the magic of how the four of us got together!
Jan:   Yes. We were talking today about how Robert is a “walk-in” and Gabor is a “walk out” escaping from Hungary
Jan:   it feels to me like they are brothers
Barbara:   It is obvious that they are both not from here.
….and neither are you or me.
Jan:   By the way – I picked up my story book and read a bit to see how I can re-do it, but felt aweful about it. too much from the past. But now I am very excited about OUR book.
Barbara:   YES!  Do you recall what Robert said about “feminine power” creates and the male holds it steady.
Jan:   yes
Gabor has so many notes from his morning considerations. I am going to get them down on paper (computer) and work them
Barbara:   I have made so many afghans since we met and sometimes I feel like I should get some more wool.
Perhaps we can create a page on the blog as: W.I.P. work in progress.
It could be like the anatomy of a thrilling idea.
Jan:   great idea
Barbara:   Our experience is the Feminine waking and the Male holding it.
Jan:   This mornings coffee conversation was that false teachings are not preparation for the real thing. They are a hindrance.
Barbara:   YES! Just think, Cricket has spent 5 days rearranging her mind.
Jan:   ouch!
Barbara:   Darakshan showed a “similarity” between the two men. They both use the metaphor of the computer.
Your Personal SuperComputer and programming your mind.
We remained silent!!
Jan:   silence is golden
Barbara:    Just got a glimpse of both men Skyping….videotaping it…..both in English and then Gabor in Hungarian for that huge sector of the population. This could be a youtube.
Jan:   Absolutely!
Barbara:   Of course, Robert may see this completely different. 🙂
Jan:   The people here are not as contaminated by the New Age bullshit in the US. They may be very interested in Robert.
Barbara:    This could almost be a format for others (other languages) to be involved.
We have a lovely friend who is Chinese and she wants to take Robert to China.
Jan:   Cool
We were also considering South Africa since that is the one continent left and not much happening there spritually as far as we know
Barbara:   Have you heard of UBUNTU? Michael Tellinger is in Africa and creating a society without money.
He is on Facebook
Jan:   never heard of it. sounds wonderful. will look it up
Barbara:   Robert just came in sleepily and I spouted everything we have been “saying” and he is happy that I am happy.   (6am)
Befriend him or follow him.
Jan:   wonderful
by the way – i woke up happier than ever this morning
Is Michael in Johannesburg?
Barbara:   WONDERFUL! With your example, everyone in the world can be allowed to feel that once again!!!
Are you on Facebook?
Jan:   Yes I am. I see aMichael Tellinger there and if it is the right one that is amazing cause he and I have a common friend who has a farm in Hungary. She is dutch and created a wonderful community here.
Barbara:   Do you realize that this friendship of ours is exactly like next door neighbors without the coffee.
Jan:   Wow! That is amazing. Gabor and I have been planning to go to this girls farm and community and see how they live. GAbor has already done a presentation there and they love him.
Barbara:   Michael could be our fifth wheel.
Do you see his picture?
Jan:   yes
Barbara:   He looks wonderful! He just toured Australia.
Jan:   Tried to friend him but he can’t take any more friends so I just clicked follow
Barbara:   Good, I probably had to do the same.
You have his Dutch friend and she will tell him about you!!
Jan:   right
she has an amazing story
Barbara:   Another thought! This script that we have just created has been saved and can be published. Two women creating!!
Isn’t it interesting how some can actually live their story and others go to workshops.
Jan:   she was driving through Europe to Turkey and her truck broke down in this flat area in mid HUngary where the founders of the country lived and she felt she must stay there. This was many years ago and she never left. but a great community arose around her.
Barbara:   How wonderful!
How did you meet her?
Do you know about Robert’s “Happy Switch?”
Jan:   Oh good that you saved it. thank you.
We met her through Iby Duba the opera singer. she is very interested in the Hungarian language. Gabor has many thoughts about buying a place in this community. He wants animals like a pig, a goat and a lama and he wants to interview them and put it on youtube as a joke
It will probably be a sensation!
What is Robert Happy switch?
We all have one! We are born with one! We learn to turn it off to blackmail someone or to say if you don’t ________I won’t be happy…..sometimes (too often) it stays “off” for a lifetime. It is our decision to switch it on and keep it on!
Which leads me to wanting to write a book for children.
How do we turn it on?
Simple pictures which say it all.
How did you wake up happy?
We decide to be on top of the trampoline instead of under it.
“Get on top of the wave” is all I have to hear.
This could be the format: Questions and Answers!!
There are a gazillion Robertisms to draw from and I feel this all the time.
The sun is coming up and it is Gorgeous.
It would be great to have a community, a real one with people like you and Robert and Gabor where there is only love and magic
I used to tell my children that I was sending them the sun in California when I lived in NY
great one
You sent the sun over here. Only One Sun
This is the perfect example of all my ideas tumbling out that only you “get”. All I can do is hug Robert, otherwise I am just blithering.
It is overcast here. Gabor taught me to love all weather. I used to only like it sunny. Now I love it all – rain, wind, fog, snow…..
I just feel like we have been carrying around our magic looking for a place to show it and here it is.
And all we have is SUN, we would be so happy with a great big rainstorm.
yes… somethiing really shifted within me since our skype
I felt it!
Me too.
It was so wonderful for me to see how Gabor embraced Robert so openly and how he is learning from him. Every teacher I have ever know was so competitive and had to put down any teacher that was a threat. GAbor does not have that at all and he is surprised that I am so relieved about it
If you go to “translations” on my blog, you can see where Elisabeth in Costa Rica has translated Robert’s writings into Spanish.
That’s wonderful!
I read it this morning. Fabulous!
Robert is overjoyed with the success of another.
I could tell
Here is a little story about Jennifer Snowden. In 2009, Robert and I were house guests of John Hoover. Jennifer has been a friend for a long time. John and I used to call her our teenage daughter because she stayed with us and sometimes, no rent was possible. This one day, she was at the end of her tether and after working endlessly seemed to be getting nowhere. Harriette is dear and sweet and invited Jen to come to the boonies and stay with them. Robert said “Don’t you dare!”
You keep going, you have a bright future ahead of you! She did and now on Facebook, she is saying that she is being treated as a queen as she is being flown to the Phillippines to train others in this new makeup.
Yes… I saw her success on Facebook. It is wonderful!
That’s who we are and can be to thousands………with little things like the “Happy Switch” etc.
Silly sounding, not high falutin words that can switch a life.
Just knowing that everyone has a PSC personal supercomputer is life changing.
yes and very important. lots of things coming up from the past I have found myself in a dark place. I really feel it is time for happiness. I have such a wonderful life here with GAbor and the sadness has to go.
Now you have Gabor to hang onto AND a quick text to your co-author and all shadows disspell instantly.
Jan Oren
Thank you
My kids are sure that I threw my life away.
same here
Can you imagine how many women there are looking for approval from their children?
A whole population needs this
I realize now that trying to please others can cause unimaginable damage.
We have so much “damage control” to accomplish. On my blog, there is a question posed to me about just that…….I answered her and then Robert altered the answer……..I posted it and I was concerned that she would think it too “flip” until I got her sincere thank you. Her question was asked for us as well; all wanting to make EVERYONE happy.
Stephanie asks the question…and she is an opera singer. The music business is especially competitive.
We have almost hit the 2 hour mark! Let’s keep going……
another time.
I’m feeling the 5:30 wake up.
Knowing that you woke up HAPPY thrills me.
Funny… Gabor just called and I just told him that I am still chatting with you and it is almost 2 hours
Thank you so much for everything my dear friend and I look forward to our next talk. Have a fabulous day and lots of love to you and Robert!
Love you…..till next time. Love and hugs to you both.

4 thoughts on “Budapest!”

  1. Good Afternoon Barbara, I watched Roberts In the woods, I live in a Log Cabin in North Green Mountains of Vermont, I am surrounded by all different size Oak tree, ,some so high they are reaching for the sky, then we have baby ones coming up Blue spruce also. I was very lonely here for a very long time coming from New York, near the city. Now I have my trees to talk to and tell my Problems to. No Judgement, I feel like life has back into my life Thank you Dear ones. P.S. For someone that can’t express them self, I am doing a pretty good job.Toni

    1. Hi Toni,

      Just finished answering you on “Concepts” page.
      I am so glad that you discovered “In the Woods”.
      I go there and get refreshed every time. Keep staying in touch.
      Love and Harmony,

  2. Hi Barbara, I tryed that spin this morning and I think i need to practice a little more, but it was a real great morning. I wanted to tell you something I am making a loose leaf book out of all that Robert is teaching writing I print them out so when i need to hear him I go to the book. In the morning i read psc almost finished and then i go to magic of life volume one One more thing believe it or not there are two places I always wanted to go Australia, and Alaska, may be next time around and here I am talking to you in my hearts desire Love and hugs to both of you Toni

  3. Hi Toni, I am looking at your wonderful comment and noticing that the background picture is of our favorite place to go in the bush in Australia! Your loose leaf book sounds amazing! Have you visited the website lately? Did you see the new feature, “Shuffle and Play”? Some have reported that the magic happens when just the right message is delivered to you. Enjoy!
    Love and harmony,

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