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Dear Barbara!
What an “uplifting” start of my day! And THANK YOU for invitation to ask Robert a Question!
I already have one, but please let me use this opportunity a bit later, because this is a busy day, and I want to “enjoy”!
What a wonderful idea to share your experiences about “living close to Robert”! As I sometimes find his writings a bit “metaphoric” (best if I can reach an “inner knowingness”- but I am not always able to do so). Therefore, for people to see different “sides” of your “project” might be an inspiration! For mee, most of all, I find The Beauty in your mutual LOVE to each other so NICE!
I believe we are so many out here, that have LOVED, – but “something went wrong”….
Of caurse, you can use my “art”! I W A N T  TO exchange my pictures – with your Beautiful Work! And if this would be of some “gladness for someone” – that’s my purpose! 🙂
Torill's first gift of her artwork to us.
Torill’s first gift of her artwork to us.

bilde 2The Trampoline…….2 ways to live, under the trampoline or on top of it!bilde 1

4 thoughts on “From Friends”

  1. Dear Torill,

    Thank you for giving me permission to share your artwork. It always has that feeling of RIGHT NOW!

    I love waking up here in California and discovering your email from Norway with a special feeling from a dear friend.

    Love and Harmony,

  2. This just arrived from my new friend Liga in Sweden.

    Thank you, Barbara!

    It really means a lot that you took time to answer my mail. I will definitely read the messages that Robert have shared in the homepage. Both, you and Robert, are such a great inspiration to me and my husband David! I really want you to know that and wish you all the best with whatever you are up to.

    Don’t hesitate to contact us if you are planning to visit Europe (maybe even Sweden? 🙂 ) someday. You will always have place to stay at our house if you wish to travel to Sweden. 😉

    Best wishes from our hearts to your hearts!

  3. Dear Liga, I just re-read your beautiful message and now I want to make sure that you are receiving our Magic and Miracles newsletters: Go to and click on “Join our mailing list”. I just checked and you are not there. This will give you access to Robert’s writings that I’m sure you will enjoy.
    Thank you for your open invitation to visit Sweden!
    Love and Harmony,

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