Kaden and Konnor

Wow! I just met Kaden and Konnor, twin boys, nine years old who share a remarkable artistic talent which I share with you:


Dahlia, their mother, wrote this in a letter to Robert and me:

“I had a near-death experience at age 13, and ever since have been advancing in between worlds and realities and now am married and mother to twin boys (age 9) who are on “the spectrum of Autism.” Kaden and Konnor, and many of these advanced children have taught me so much about other realities and are bringing so much expansion here. I’d love to hear your insight on these children.

Thank you, thank you for all you and Barbara are doing. Every word, every line written and spoken, feels like home. Finally, someone who “gets it.” This planet has gone so far the other way, and now it’s going to see the potential manifest at great warp speed and it’s so exciting! I am cheering you both on!

Dahlia and boys


4 thoughts on “Kaden and Konnor”

    1. Fantastic! We love you both, I love you both! We are so excited to know you and in gratitude to you sharing these “master peaces” with your audience. Sending you sparkles and rainbows from this side of infinity 🙂 thank you and with much joy!
      From Kaden, Konnor and Dahlia <3

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