It is Easy to Smile!

It Is Easy To Smile

Who are You ...
Who are You …

It is easy to smile when you know that the world smiles with you.

Our inner connection is such that one smile instigates another and another until the whole world smiles with you. There is no physical proof but we all know that it is true and a sensation of complete satisfaction is returned to prove its reality.

At this time, more than ever before, little things matter, and the problems of the world sink into the background when you focus on the small. A caring glance will transform a life in a moment and the brilliance of a young child will bring you to tears.

These things have much more depth than the superficial life we are exposed to every day, and the magical powers of such simple acts can never be emphasized enough.

Our purpose in the world has been overshadowed by many complexities, and the simple things have been pushed into the background. One quick smile can light up your eyes and reveal the simplicity that holds your message for the world.

The project for the elevation of the world “is still on” and the simplicity of a smile or a special gesture to another person will reveal the secret of your entire life. Try it and you will never again wonder about your real purpose in life.

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