Everything is NEW! 10.31.16

Hello Everybody,

  • It is a sunny Monday
  • It is Halloween!
  • Yesterday’s broadcast has just been transcribed by “Dragon”
  • As soon as Robert ended the broadcast, it began to RAIN!
  • The air smells fresh and sweet (earthy).

In preparation for the broadcast on Friday with Nurit, I am compiling the many life-saving and wellness enhancing hints that Robert gives us for our physical well-being.

Headache – Put the headache just outside the skull. (A child can feel the energy escaping and it feels like champagne bubbles.

Spasms in legs (while sleeping):  Himalayan salt under the tongue clears this amazingly.

Walking:  Roll up onto your toes (bubbling springs right behind the ball of the foot. Don’t stand or walk on your heels.

Earache: Tilt your head away from that ear with the hand of the hurting ear (as if holding a pot) then turn it over and push down with the heel of your hand as if you are pushing everything out of an imaginary tube connecting to your ear.  This opens the whole area and clears the problem.

Standing: Alternate knees buckling, first one knee then the other one. Push each knee towards the second toe then bring it back to hold your weight, then repeat with the other knee. This frees up the hips and generates new blood cells for the rest of your body. Three minutes maximum each day or until your body temperature rises.

Standing: Many variations but one is to feel your whole being vibrating even without you putting any effort in and you will start to dance and send that vibration to all the people you are supposed to interact with.

Try these because you are inquisitive, I am too. There will be more added….