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www.swissindo.news  Download and print the M1 Voucher.  Put your passport picture in the box. Affix with gorilla glue, place right thumbprint in the lower right-hand corner. Stay in touch with me and I will let you know when you can take this to your bank, set up a special account and Swissindo will be providing you with your basic needs paid for each month. ($1200 each month for the rest of your life….to a total of 6 million dollars.)

Same website: Scroll down further and Download and Print the DBLC (Debt Burden Liberation Certificate).  All debts incurred before 2016 will be repaid to you because, since the day you were born, you have been traded upon e.g. a commodity. Keep this in a safe place and we will let you know when you can take this to the bank.

www.swissindo.net  This is the site where you can learn the history and background of the United Nations and its connection to President Soekarno, President of Indonesia and the originator of the U.N. at the end of World War II in Batavia (now Jakarta)

RELAWAN IDA (International Development Association)



Indonesia is one of the Member Countries of the International Development Association (IDA) that joined in the year 1960. IDA, as part of World Bank Group, which is one of the programs designed to advance and improve the wellbeing of its Members in the category of under-privileged Developing Countries.

However, Indonesia has yet to feel a significant impact on development, especially the Peace and Prosperity of its People. With the entry of the Indonesian Country as an IDA Member, obtaining the right to receive IDA Credit, Indonesia received the first Opening Credit in 1967 and Closing Credit in 1976, for the amount of US$ 5,879,988.25 with No. IDA-01270, for Construction of IRRIGATION and REHABILITATION Projects in Sumatera Island and 2 Provinces on Java Island, namely West Java and Central Java.

The first audit was conducted in 1968, by the World Bank. After the first audit, Indonesia issued Law No. 3 of 1968, dated 17 July 1968, to reinforce membership in the International Development Association, which at that time was valid until the closing of the year 1976, after which Indonesia, as a Member of IDA, no longer applied for Credit to IDA, since Indonesia was disconnected from using this Financial Institution until the end of March 2018.

The preparation of this book is intended to open up the insight of the Community, as a Generation that will foster the forerunner of change for the Nations, especially Indonesia and other Countries in the coming future. The composers are called to provide very important discussions regarding the changes in the Global Financial System, which leads to improvements – a very significant improvement in Global Finance. From this basis the formula that the composers present, in order to improve the Generation, is certainly not as easy as turning the palm of the hand. Nevertheless, the constituents believe with all body and soul, whatever form of change, it is our shared responsibility to realize the ideals of our Predecessors.

The Global Financial Change here is about an International Institution called the International Development Association, it is very familiar to the ears of those who work in the Ministry of Finance or the Department of Finance, but what is presented by the International Development Association is limited to outside or general views (OUTLOOK), for the sake of security, although as a result, many in the Community as a Generation cannot participate in controlling and supervising their Country’s Financial journey.

IDA is one of the largest Institutions in the World that contains Combined Currencies, from among Member Countries, with the aim of providing Capital in the form of loans to develop its Member Countries in which there are Hibah or Grants, which is the Right of the People of the Member Countries themselves.